It seems over the past 59 years only a few things have stayed the same in regards to our local 4-H club. One key thing that has always been rock solid is the commitment that Bow Valley 4-H has had to its community; and frankly I don't see that ever changing.

In 1953 the Bow Valley Wheat Club officially started its story.

With 17 members in just the first year our community had one of the strongest Clubs in all of Western Canada. In that first year the Bow Valley Wheat Club was awarded for the top grain efficiency in the Calgary District; we received a shield for this prestigious award. Over the next four years members were very successful with their wheat projects. Many members even competed in the Royal Winter Fair based out of Toronto with their grain samples.

In 1957 wheat didn't cut it anymore for the ambitious youth of Bow Valley and the club converted to beef. A more time intensive project but it had the bonus of a big cheque at the end of the year so members were ecstatic about the new challenge. This clearly was a draw as Bow Valley Beef has never struggled in regards to member participation. In 1959 BVB had the largest number of steers in the Calgary District; a record that was held for 8 years afterwards, very impressive for a beef club that was only 2 years old at the time.

1960 Bow Valley really put themselves on the map with numerous awards and achievements. Curling, judging, thematic displays, breed classes, and pen of five classes are just some of the areas that the members of our club excelled in.

One very notable achievement that the club made in 1965 was winning a trophy for good house keeping at the Calgary District Show. Apparently our parents once cleaned the barns too; who knew?

In 1972 the club had 39 members; the highest number the club would see until the year 2001 when the Club hit its all-time high of 42 members.

In 1980 member dues were a whopping $2.00 per member. Compared to member dues in the year 2011 of $90.00 per member. Similarly the next year the club started with a balance of $24.37 in the account. It has been substantially higher in the more recent of years of operation.

In the year of 1985 our club became more commonly known as the Bow Valley Beef & Sewing Club. Many members were involved in both beef and clothing projects, hence the change of names.

In the year of 1988 BVB offered a light horse project for members interested. It was a hit and the Bow Valley Light Horse Club separated from the beef club the next year.

1990 was the true birth of Bow Valley's Multi Club. Amongst the multi projects offered were computers, foods, pheasants, rabbits, sheep, and self determined projects.

It wasn't until 15 years ago, in 1997, when our Club was formally titled the Bow Valley Beef & Multi Club. Since then we have always offered all beef projects and any multi projects of interest to our members.

In 2003 the formerly known Bow Valley Wheat Club celebrated 50 years of operation. A party was held on November 1st at the Bill Heron Arena in celebration.

In 2008 the beef and horse Club got together to host a slave auction to raise money for both clubs. It was a raging success and compliments were received form many 4-H specialists and dignitaries. The club was very thankful for community donations and purchased a trailer they now use to haul all of their supplies.

Since 1953 Bow Valley Beef & Multi is proud to have had a little over 500 members pass through their realm. Not to mention the leaders that we have had over the years; we are so fortunate to have had well over 65 different general and project leaders along with a countless number of dedicated parents involved in our 4-H experience.

Bow Valley Beef has no short list of achievements, they certainly are not all included on this short page. Every member who has had the opportunity to belong to the Bow Valley 4-H family know this to be true. From your everyday public speaker to every project ever completed; everyone has succeeded. This of course is not possible without all of the community support we have received over the years. Everything from encouraging words to sponsorships is immensely appreciated.

4-H is spread all over this,

Our own fair land;
We learn to do by doing
With head , heart, health, and hands.

Our heads are clear for new ideas,
Our heats are open wide;
There's always new things we are willing to try.

Health means better living so
We can help each other, and
Accept one another as a sister and a brother

With hands outstretched to those in need,
The weak grow strong,
The troubled are free.

4-H does wonders
If you know where you stand.
All you need to remember is –

Bow Valley Beef & Multi 4-H Club – 59 years young and still going strong.